Roofing Materials – How Long Do Roofs Last?

Imagine a dreaded scenario, when you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home and figure out that it has a damaged roof. The replacement of roofs in an average sized home can cost up to $20,000. This is obviously a large amount of hard earned money.

If you select the right roofing contractor that uses quality roofing products, then the lifetime of that new roof can last for quite some time.

Roofs That Can Last for ~20 Years

High graded and thick asphalt roofs can last up to 20 long years. But with that said, even a million dollar roof could encounter serious damages.

The asphalt roof encompasses of shingles. This would be the granular portion of a roof, which protects it against ultraviolet rays.

As time goes by, the shingles would deplete and kill away the roof’s quality. The roof tips would be the point of deterioration. The shingles could also curl. Curling occurs with the lifting of asphalt shingles.If a roof has reached its last few days, the shingles would give an uneven sight. The shingles will not be flat and smooth.

Finally, the asphalt shingles could be subject to serious splits. The roofing material would become brittle over time. Their brittle nature will help them to split apart in the middle. Once the shingle gets brittle and split, the roof has to be replaced.

Roofs That Can Last for ~10 Years

Clay tile roofing was an antique concept. Clay tiling has the ability to withstand ~10 years. The roof has to be maintained regularly, as unseen cracks and leaks could occur in it.

The major drawback behind clay tile roofing would be its factor of deterioration. The underlayment or coat of waterproofing material will wear off within a very short time span.

Malfunctions in the clay tile roofing could be found with broken tiles and poor water flow. As the tiles crack and split, the roof would depict the presence of few troubling issues. These broken tiles will cause more water to flow into the house.

Apart from the foremost factor, ultraviolet rays will be allowed to reach the internal layers; this will reduce the roof’s life time.

Clay tile roofs will also be affected by debris. The broken twigs, leaves and dirt will block the flow of water and cause the roofing material to wear away.

Roofs That Can Last for ~40 Years

The most novel and durable form of roofing would be the “metal” based structures. These shields can last up to 40 years. Nevertheless, metal roof also demands for sincere maintenance.

Metal roofing also suffers few complications. With time, the roof will become loose and light. The ends will not be strong enough to devour its owner with the obliged protection.

The metal roofs could rust and lose its protective coating. This is something that every metal roof owner must watch out for.

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How to Hire a Commercial Roofing Contractor

A commercial roofing contractor fixes and installs roofs on commercial buildings. Commercial roofing contractors can handle both repairs on existing roofs on commercial buildings as well as installation of roofs on newly constructed buildings. Commercial property owners usually hire roofing contractors to fix damage caused by water leaks, storms, fires, and similar events.

Commercial property owners whose roofs cannot be repaired or have sustained extensive damage can hire a commercial roof contractor to install a completely new roof. They are responsible for repairing or installing the roofs of commercial structures, such as office buildings, retail stores and complexes, and warehouses.

Since commercial roofs are available in various sizes and shapes and are made from many different materials, selecting the most suitable commercial roofing contractor can be challenging but it is important that you take the time to research the available commercial roofing contractors properly, in order to ensure that you hire one that provides a quality roofing job.


Get recommendation from people you know and trust. Let your family, friends and business associates know that you are looking for a reputable commercial roofing contractor and ask them if they can recommend one. Word of mouth works well when it comes to getting referral to a good service. Get a list of potential roofers and check their backgrounds before contacting any of them. You can research them by going online.

Review sites are useful and are designed specifically for helping people make an informed decision. Look for information pertaining to roofing repair services or contractors and read what the experiences of previous customers. It is important to keep in mind that most reputable roofing companies will have websites that indicate they have a good relationship to the city or community in which they work.

Background Check

It is important to ensure a safe and professionally done roof. This can be done by making sure that the roofing contractor is legitimate. You can contact the State Board of Professional Licensing and check to ensure that the contractor has the required permit to provide commercial roofing services. Check the contractor’s background by contacting the appropriate offices.

You can contact your local Better Business Bureau to find out if the company you’re considering has had complaints filed against them and how it was resolved. Contact your Chamber of Commerce to find out if they have any information regarding the reputation of the company. Commercial roofing companies who do not pass your investigation can be removed from your list.


Set up an interview with each roofing contractor. Create a list of questions to ask in advance. These should include questions about the contractor’s license, roofing experience, insurance coverage, cost estimate, and estimated completion date. Find out the type of material that will be used on the roof. Find out if the contractor will be willing to guarantee materials and workmanship. Get the contractor to put everything in writing.

Also ask for the contractor’s references and their contact details. A reputable roofing contractor will be happy to provide written proposal, legal information and customer references, since they are confident about their company and ability to provide quality services.


After you have interviewed and gathered all the information you need it’s time to make your choice. Do not base your decision on prices alone because the lowest price quote may not indicate that the roofer is the most appropriate for the job. Put more emphasis on the contractor’s professional experience and his willingness to work with you. Make sure you read the fine print you sign.

Take your time to read the contract and be sure you thoroughly understand what it outlines, and ask questions about anything you do not understand.


Installing a new roof is an expensive endeavor, so it is wise to choose an expert and reliable contractor. Don’t feel pressured to select just any available contractor. It is important to research properly when hiring a commercial roofing contractor. It makes sense to hire a reputable contractor in order to ensure a satisfactory roofing job. So take the time to find the right commercial roofing contractor for your project.

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Different Commercial Roofing Materials

Your roof is the most important part of any building. All roofs are designed in a way that it protects the rest of the building structure. If the structure of the building is not designed in a way that suits the overall design of the building, then we face the threat of the building being destroyed by one natural disaster (sometimes even man-made disaster) or the other.

The commercial roofing is a type of building material that can be used for sealing and protecting the top of a commercial structure. Most of the residential buildings have a steep slope, but the commercial buildings usually have a flat slope. Today there are different types of commercial roofing materials available in the market and each type of material has some advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are going to take a look at the different kind of roofing materials of the commercial buildings.

Built Up Roofing

This is a one of the most reliable and oldest types of commercial roofing systems. These kinds of roofing systems are usually known as “tar & gravel roofs”. This kind of roofing system consists of multiple numbers of pipes that are laminated together with the bitumen. The cost of a built up roofing system is usually greater than any other kind of roofing, but it is the favorite option of architectures, engineers, contractors and roofing manufactures. These kinds of roofing systems have a proven track record of more than 130 years. BUR is a durable and thick roofing system that can be used as in the water roofing applications.

The best thing about this roofing system is that after lots of years of service, it still stays strong, but the disadvantages of this roofing system are that the transportation of the materials of the built up roofing system is very expensive and these kinds of roof systems are also very heavy in weight. Another con of this roofing system is that it is not stable in the warm or high temperatures. So, this roofing system is not a very good for the warm areas.

Metal Roofing

Another type of commercial roofing material is metal roofing. This kind of roofing involves a high cost on installation. This kind of roofing system is also susceptible to the wind damage. The metal roofing systems are easily dented or scratched. In spite of all these disadvantages this kind of roofing system is still a favorite option among many engineers and architects because of its durability and fire resistant power. Some other benefits of this roofing system are that it is requires very low maintenance, it is recyclable and it is eco friendly too.

Slate Roofing

It is the most expensive type of roofing material. However, it is very durable and it lasts for 100s of years. So, if you are looking for a long lasting material, then the slate roofing is the best option for you. These types of roofing systems are very beautiful and are available in variety of thicknesses and sizes.

Roof Repair in Phoenix Arizona

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Searching for Commercial Roofing Contractors

If you are searching for Phoenix commercial roofing contractors, then this article will help tell you about what you need to know. Before you go out there and select just any commercial roofing contractor, you are going to want to go out and investigate to select the best choice for you.

#1. Check to Make Sure They Are Registered and Licensed

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake roofing companies and roofing contractors out there that are trying to pass by as real, authentic roofers. Truth is, they are not licensed, they are not insured, and they are not bonded.

It’s very important you do your research first and get with a roofing contractor that IS licensed, insured, and bonded.

Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded, and you can even look us up with our AZ ROC License# 199885. You’ll see we have a clean record.

#2. Check Reviews and Testimonials From Past Clients

You will also want to go out and check reviews and testimonials from past clients. We have our own page on this site where you can find our commercial roofing references and also our commercial roofing portfolio so you can see some of our work.

If a roofing company does not have any testimonials, references, or reviews from past clients, it may raise a red flag that the roofing contractor and roofing company may not provide you with high quality commercial roofing services.

#3. Professionalism Behind The Roofing Company

You can tell a lot from a person by just talking to them or meeting them in person. Did they show up time? Were they dressed appropriately? These are all things that can help you determine if you are dealing with a professional commercial roofing company.

These are just three of the many tips you can use to help find a professional commercial roofing company.

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Benefits of Built-Up Roofing in Phoenix Arizona

There are very few negative words that you can say about built-up roofing systems. They have been around for hundreds of years and to this day, they are still one of the best roofing systems for safety and security.

Built up roofing was first known as composition roofing and began in the 1840s. It consists of three different components: the waterproofing component, the reinforcing component, and the surfacing component.

Another name for built-up roofs are “tar and gravel roofs”. These are roofing systems that have multiple layers of bitumen. The multiple layers gives it exceptional resistance to water and weather, like hail damage and water leaks.

Because built-up roofs are flat, it makes it very easy for maintenance. It also allows flexibility in case you ever wanted to add upgrades to your roof, such as solar panels.

How Long Do Built-Up Roofs Last?

The service of a roof depends on many factors: the location of the roof, the weather conditions, foot traffic, materials used, the expertise of the roofing company that installed the roof, and so forth.

Under the best ideal conditions, a built-up roof should last for at least fifteen years.

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Phoenix Arizona

Business owners make their purchases based upon educated business decisions. They never rush into any purchase. The same goes for commercial roofing contractors in Phoenix Arizona.

There are two things that you should really look into before picking a commercial roofing contractor.

The first is to look at the actual commercial roofing contractor. Have they been in business for awhile? Are they a reliable company? These are very important things that you should look into.

The second is, what kind of roofing material do you need? Different companies specialize in different things, so check with them to see if they can handle your commercial roofing job.

There is a wide range of different roofing products, whether it is built-up roofing, metal roofing, asphalt roofing, foam roofing, or rubber roofing. Picking one depends on where you are, what type of energy efficiency you want, and more.

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Phoenix Arizona Roofing Repair From Storm Damage

Roof Repair in Phoenix Arizona

Roof Repair in Phoenix Arizona

With the wild hail storm that occurred here in Phoenix Arizona on October 5th, 2010, chances are that you have some pretty serious commercial roof storm damage.

Depending on what type of roof you have, it may be hard to see if you have actual hail damage. You may climb up on your roof and think everything looks fine, but it most likely is not fine. We encourage you to get a professional out to your roof to do a full inspection for roof damage.

Leaks Aren’t Always Immediate

Hail roof damage does not always cause immediate leaks. Over time though, you may notice a handful of leaks coming from your roof.

We have over 30 years of commercial roofing experience and we are able to detect even the slightest damage that the insurance adjusters may not have seen.

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