Roofing Materials – How Long Do Roofs Last?

Imagine a dreaded scenario, when you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home and figure out that it has a damaged roof. The replacement of roofs in an average sized home can cost up to $20,000. This is obviously a large amount of hard earned money.

If you select the right roofing contractor that uses quality roofing products, then the lifetime of that new roof can last for quite some time.

Roofs That Can Last for ~20 Years

High graded and thick asphalt roofs can last up to 20 long years. But with that said, even a million dollar roof could encounter serious damages.

The asphalt roof encompasses of shingles. This would be the granular portion of a roof, which protects it against ultraviolet rays.

As time goes by, the shingles would deplete and kill away the roof’s quality. The roof tips would be the point of deterioration. The shingles could also curl. Curling occurs with the lifting of asphalt shingles.If a roof has reached its last few days, the shingles would give an uneven sight. The shingles will not be flat and smooth.

Finally, the asphalt shingles could be subject to serious splits. The roofing material would become brittle over time. Their brittle nature will help them to split apart in the middle. Once the shingle gets brittle and split, the roof has to be replaced.

Roofs That Can Last for ~10 Years

Clay tile roofing was an antique concept. Clay tiling has the ability to withstand ~10 years. The roof has to be maintained regularly, as unseen cracks and leaks could occur in it.

The major drawback behind clay tile roofing would be its factor of deterioration. The underlayment or coat of waterproofing material will wear off within a very short time span.

Malfunctions in the clay tile roofing could be found with broken tiles and poor water flow. As the tiles crack and split, the roof would depict the presence of few troubling issues. These broken tiles will cause more water to flow into the house.

Apart from the foremost factor, ultraviolet rays will be allowed to reach the internal layers; this will reduce the roof’s life time.

Clay tile roofs will also be affected by debris. The broken twigs, leaves and dirt will block the flow of water and cause the roofing material to wear away.

Roofs That Can Last for ~40 Years

The most novel and durable form of roofing would be the “metal” based structures. These shields can last up to 40 years. Nevertheless, metal roof also demands for sincere maintenance.

Metal roofing also suffers few complications. With time, the roof will become loose and light. The ends will not be strong enough to devour its owner with the obliged protection.

The metal roofs could rust and lose its protective coating. This is something that every metal roof owner must watch out for.

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