Foam Roofing – Commercial Roof Repair & Installation

Foam Roofing in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix AZ Commercial Foam Roofing

Phoenix Foam Roofing Repair & Installation

Foam roofing saves you money up-front, and then continues to save you more money for the life of the roof.

How? Because when you decide to get foam roofing, you immediately avoid the cost of having to replace your roof.

On top of that, there are significant energy costs that will be reduced thanks to your foam roof.

On the long haul, you will experience no need for leaks and no urgent need for repair. You extend the life of your existing roof through foam roofing, and you’re able to avoid the cost of a commercial roof replacement.

How Phoenix Foam Roofing Installation Works:

Installing a commercial foam roof is very simple. Here is the simplified 4-step process:

  1. Your existing roof is thoroughly cleaned.
  2. An inch to an inch-and-a-half of foam is applied.
  3. A base coat goes on
  4. A final top coat is applied to your new roof surface

That’s it!

Phoenix Commercial Foam Roof Savings

The largest initial foam roof savings comes from eliminating the need to tear up and dispose your old roof. Foam roofing is applied directly to your existing roof, so again, it completely cuts out the cost of tearing up and getting rid of your old roof.

Installation is quicker because there is no tear off, which helps keep labor costs down. There is very little disruption and noise compared to other commercial roofing systems.

If your main goal is to avoid commercial roof replacement, then commercial foam roofing is by far you best option.

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