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You can lower your energy bill and beat the heat this year in Phoenix with a modern, attractive metal roof by Canyon State Roofing & Consulting.

Metal roofing is made of long, solid pieces of metal. You can also find some metal roofs are made of smaller, overlapping metal shingles.

Both types of metal shingles will be sure to be effective in improving the quality of your commercial building within your budget.

Canyon State Roofing & Consulting has been helping Phoenix business enjoy metal roofs for years now. Our highly-experienced roofers ensure that you receive the maximum benefits for any metal roofing projects.

Save Money – Get a Commercial Metal Roof Installation

One case study showed that people who install metal roofs can save up to 40% a year on costs of cooling. In this Arizona heat, that is a huge savings!

Reasons Why Metal Roofs Work:

  • Reflective – Metal roofs actually reflect a majority of the heat that hits your roof from the sun’s rays.
  • Re-emitting Heat – For the heat that does absorb on your roof, most of it gets pushed back and re-emitted into the air.
  • Colors – You can make use of colors that prevent heat¬†absorption. White is the best color for getting rid of heat absorption.

Whether you are looking to install a commercial metal roof, or just get your commercial metal roof repaired, we will be with you every step of the way. We can work with you to find the best metal roofing that suits the look of your business, and give you the best choices to help you save money.

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