Phoenix Hail Damage on Commercial Roofs

Phoenix Commercial Roof Inspection

Phoenix AZ Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Hail does not have to be the size of baseballs to cause serious damage to your commercial roof.

Even a slight hailstorm can cause enough damage to compromise the ability of your roof to weather future storms.

But hail damage can be tricky, and insurance companies rarely want to give you the roof repair that you deserve.

If you suspect that you have hail damage…

The best thing to do is to contact a professional.

Do not go up on the roof with some checklist that you downloaded from the Internet. You need to get a free professional roof analysis. Call up a Phoenix commercial roofing contractor (like us!) that specializes in storm damage and insurance claims to come out to your property and assess the damage.

Our trained experts are able to determine if there is enough damage to file a claim, and will also help you throughout the whole process of your claim. They will also ensure that you receive the proper compensation from your insurance company.

We will adequately document your roof damage…

As we mentioned previously, insurance companies main goal is try to pay out the least amount of money as possible. In order to do this, they usually just approve you for a “patch-up” job, or sometimes might not even approve you at all. Usually this happens for two reasons…

  1. The storm damage may not be apparent immediately.
  2. The damage from the hail storm may simply be cosmetic and the “life and effectiveness of the roof is not affected”.

This is why you want a professional to come out and inspect your roof. We are comprised of an expert team of  roofers dedicated to providing reliable solutions to property damage by severe weather events. Our advanced evaluation and estimating programs enable us to provide your insurance company with accurate and concise information to support the damage claim.

Simply put: We fight for you to make sure the insurance company does not try to cheat you out of a necessary roof repair. You pay your insurance premiums, so you deserve to get the proper commercial roof repair or restoration.