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Rubber Roofing Installation

Phoenix Rubber Roofing Installation

Phoenix Arizona Rubber Roof Coating

Did you know that rubber roofing adds superb energy-efficiency and extra protection to your building? On top of that, your roof lifetime will also be extended.

Phoenix rubber roof installations are also very affordable.

Phoenix Rubber Roofing Installation

In the past, old rubber roofs could end up cracking and leaking. In today’s age, the rubber roofing products are now way more advanced and do not crack nor do they leak.

The life of your roof is also extending by having rubber roof installed. Think of a rubber roof as SPF-30 for your roof. The sun’s energy is reflected right off the surface of the roof.

We all know how harsh the Phoenix sun is, so any roof can reach around 130 degrees during the day. A reflective rubber roof can actually lower that to around 90 degrees.

This means that far less heat will pass through your roof, making your new rubber roof energy efficient. Just think of how hard your air conditioner would have to work without a rubber roof.

Not only will you see greatly reduced energy bills, but again, the lifetime of your roof will be extended. The energy savings alone can cover most of the price of the commercial rubber roof installation.

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